Vordava is a Surabaya-based design firm that designed branding, marketing and visual communication design for clients, audiences and ourselves.

Vordava was founded on August 2, 2008 in Surabaya, Indonesia by Satriyo Niti Atmojo and Dinna Novita. We are just a small team who has completed more than 250 projects.

For eight years in the creative business we are passionate about giving good changes for our clients, audiences and ourselves. And there are many good changes that we have achieved so far. Good changes bring good results.

What we do

Besides offering integrated services we also offer the service separately, i.e:

Concept development.
Content development.
Design sistem.
Event design.
Exhibition design.
Furniture design.
Internet marketing.
Logo design.
Print design.
Packaging design.
UI/UX design.
Website design.

What we believe

For us, design is a democratic process to solve a problem (whatever it is) according to the rules, so that we can achieve the appropriate output. And without it we can not enabling good changes.

To enabling good changes we have to design the tangible and intangible things. It’s not easy for many people because it involves so many things, interdisciplinary.

But we believe we can surely to achieve it if we do it together. Contact us, we will help you.